We Have ‘No Problem’ With This Rapper Running For Mayor Of Chicago

Is this the beginning of Chance The Mayor?

Fans of the 23 -year-old rap prodigy have started a petition to try toget Chance The Rapper to run for mayor of Chicago.

The campaign is called #Chano4Mayor and it asks the artist to run head-to-head with Rahm Emanuel in 2019 when he tries to secure a third word as mayor of the city.

Chano For Mayor

The open letter on the website reads,

Hey Chance,

We think youd be a great mayor.

We love your music weve been following your career from the first 10 days. We also love the run youve done to give back to the city that raised you. You represent Chicago on the world stage, and you do us proud.

We know you dont think of yourself as a politician, and we respect that. But such elections is an opportunity for Chicago that we dont want to miss.

Chano 4 mayor

The letter goes on to say,

Lets say you decide not to run. Thats cool too, but we hope you will still get involved. Will you speak with candidates for mayor about CPS, like you did with Governor Rauner? Will you endorse a candidate who will fight for the South and West sides? Will you help Chicagos youth participate in Chicago elections, and foster your fans to vote?

You dont have to decide right now. 2019 is kind of a long way away. But the people are screaming for you, and Chicago is hungry for change. Guess about it

The Chano4Mayor 2k19 Team

Chano 4 Mayor

During Emanuels tenure in office he has reportedly shut down six of Chicagos 12 mental health clinics, shut 50 public schools andthe Department of Justice foundthe Chicago Police Department guilty of a pattern of civil rights violations.

Chance has become an advocate for trying to fix the problems destroying the city of Chicago and its residents. He recently persuaded the Chicago Bulls to donate$ 1 million to Chicagos public “schools ” andfrequently gives back to the community himself.

Chano 4 Mayor

Billboard reports there may be a little inner-family D~ R~ A~ M~ A as Chances dad worked as Emanuels chief of staff.

If Chance decides to actually run he already has a major celebrity endorsement thanks to Drake.

Sooooooo, how do we get Chance The Mayor to become an actual thing?

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