LGBT community prepares for a march — and a fight

( CNN) Two years after the White House was adorned in rainbow colorings to celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling decriminalize same-sex wedding nationwide, lesbian rights activists and lawmakers are preparing to march on Washington again, saying the current President threatens to erase those gains.

Gay rights activists plan to air their concerns at the “Equality March for Unity and Pride” in Washington on Sunday as well as at 50 sister processions at cities across the country this month.

The march Sunday, which will commemorate the upcoming anniversary of the shooting deaths of 49 people and wounding of more than 50 others at lesbian nightclub in Orlando, Florida, comes despite Trump’s promises during the campaign to be a “friend” to the gay community. Although Trump has continued President Barack Obama’s executive order protecting LGBT federal workers and LGBT military service members still serve openly, his administration has rescinded protections for transgender school students, and its mentions of the words lesbian, lesbian, bisexual or transgender in statements have been few and far between.