21 People On The Most Disgusting Thing They Have Ever Done( And How Long They Waited To Shower After)

1. It would have to be raining on a Thursday evening while having sex multiple times throughout the weekend and not showering again until Monday morning. Oops. The sexuality was good though. Liz, 22

2. I went to training at Fort Knox. They dropped us in the woods for a week to do small-scale operations. We operated around with close to 40 pounds on our backs and couldnt bathe. Ive never appreciated a shower more than when they dropped us back down at the barracks. Danielle, 24

3. I played with colors on the occasion of Holi in India and awaited 6 hours drenched in water and colourings for a hot shower. Carl, 27

4. I dont always shower when I should, but Ive watched my roommate go to bed with dirt coating his leg from diving in flag football , not to mention all the sweat, and not even thinking twice about raining before bed. Pablo, 23

5. In the summer my friends and I had a bet to watch who could go the longest without showering because we’re the worst. I ran a whole week, because while being the worst I am also the best. Bri, 23

6. I went to a concert in July for 4 days, where I was drunk and sweaty basically the whole hour. I pooped in the same port-a-potty as thousands of people and didnt shower until the 5th day when I got home. It was absolutely disgusting. Bob, 25

7. I had sex with two different guys within 20 minutes. I had to work a double shifting that next day so I aimed up showering two days after the sexcapade. Whoops. Mel, 24

8. Wore the same undies for a whole week without raining because I didnt have clean ones and was too lazy to do laundry. Kylie, 22

9. Swam in a nasty lake you cant even watch an inch of your body in and didnt shower until 3 days later. Im amazed I didnt get a disease. Casey, 21

10. I sweated my ass off at practise and didnt shower until after the following days practice. I smelt nasty. Marley, 20

11. Ive chased piglets around a pigpen filled with animal piss and shit( needless to say this pen hasnt been cleaned out in a month) in flip flops. I rinsed my feet off and called it good enough then showered the next day. It was nasty, but it had to be done. Rachel, 20

12. Fell asleep retching on the kitchen floor into a trash can. At some phase I also shit myself so I woke up lying in pilings of vomiting and feces. I showered when I regained consciousness. Not my proudest moment. Ron, 24

13. It was down pouring rainfall and I went through an obstacle course that left me encompassed from head to toe in dirt and I didnt shower till hours later that night. Riley, 22

14. I was taking a cross country road journey in the summer via vehicle with broken AC, so I sweat my ass off in the heat in the car and didnt end up showering for 13 days. Charley, 27

15. I did ass to mouth while having sex and awaited 3 days to shower. It was filthy on every level. Kavanagh, 23

16. I had really dirty sex, like I actually felt like I was in a porno after it, and didnt shower for over 24 hours. Jill, 26

17. I was staying with my friends in a camper, we had been outside all day, hiking around and having flames, so naturally I was covered in mud and smelts like smoke. I had sex that night and didnt rain for at least two days after when we got home, so I strolled around smelling like dirt, smoking and sex. Eden, 25

18. After knee surgery when I was high as hell on morphine, I pee-pee myself. My Dad refused to help clean me up; I couldnt shower for a week. Thanks, Dad. Kara, 22

19. I shit myself while wearing a white thong, which turned brown, and I didnt shower till the next night. I simply threw it in a container in the garbage and let it sit there overnight. Hunter, 24

20. Threw up in my hair when I was blacked out and passed out in it. I woke up to the smell of vomiting and salivate, it was disgusting. I stumbled to the shower in the morning and felt like I was rinsing my sins away. Bella, 22

21. Hadnt taken a shit in over 3 days so I took a bunch of laxatives. They eventually caught up to me on a 6-hour car ride where I had explosive diarrhea because the driver couldnt pull over in time. We were in such a hasten to get there that I took my pants off and we kept running. Cleaned up when we got there but was so exhausted by the trip I went to bed and rained the next morning. Katie, 22

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